Top15 [top3 with colors and cups]

Amxx Top15 [top3 with colors and cups]

This plugin is a modification of the top15, the colors of the first 3 in the table will be changed, also a cup is added at the end: Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Top15 New Style for cs 1.6 server – Top3 Player with color

Install Amxx Plugins :

Disable deafult ;statsx.amxx

Put statsxtop3.amxx in amxmodx / plugins.
Add statsxtop3.amxx at the bottom of plugins.ini and save it.
Finally change map or restart the server.

You can change Other colors? Modify from .sma:

new const g_szTopColors [] [] = {
"# ff0000",
"# 07fcff",
"# fff007"

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