Insert start parameter

Mit the right click on the Steam icon in the taskbar opens the context menu. Click
 – thenMy games or My games.
 – Right mouse button onCounter-Strike
 –Propertiesor properties.
 –set launch options orstart options.

Then simplyenterstart parameterswith+ or -in the field.

Clientstartup parameter:





-heapsize X ________ eg: -heapsize 524288

-freq xx




-gldrv Default


-d3ddrv Default

-width ________ short: -w

-htight ________ short: -h

For example, this command is only enough for -w 800 to achieve a resolution of 800 * 600.

-startwindowed ________ short: -windowed





-dxlevel 70

-dxlevel 80

-dxlevel 81

-dxlevel 90

-dxlevel 95






+ clientport 2700X ________ for X choose a value between 0 and 9

+ password <PASSWORD>

+ rcon_password <RCONPASSWORD>

+ rcon_port <SERVERPORT>

+ rcon_address <SERVERIP>

+ rate <RULE (sv_maxrate)>



Server startup parameter:


+ mapcyclefile X.txt _____ ____ Example: + mapcyclefile only_de_maps.txt

+ motdfile X.txt ______ _ _____ Ex: + motdfile hello.txt

-hostname X _____ _ ________ Ex: -hostname private

-pingboost X ___ _ __________ Ex: -pingboost 1 (maximum: 3)

-port X ______ _ ___ ________ Ex: -port 27015

+ servercfgfile X.cfg ____: ____ Ex: + servercfgfile 5on5mr.cfg

-ip X ___________ _ ________ Ex: -ip

-fps_max X ______ _________ Ex: -fps_max Request 1000 maximum from the server provider.

-maxplayers X ______ ______ Ex: -maxplayers 12 The maximum for most maps is about 24 players, so it does not bring much more.

-map X ____________ ______ Ex: -map de_dust

-game X _____________ ____ Example: -game cstrike / -game dod . , ,



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Cs 1.6 Console Commands

Labels: CS 1.6 Commands

Client Side Commandsdescription
ah 1Toggles Auto-Help – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’. cl_observercrosshair 1 Set to ‘1’ to enable crosshairs in Observer mode, ‘0’ to disable.
dm 1Loading a new map – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’
cl_hidefrags 0Toggles hiding everyone else’s scores except your own – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’
drawradarThis turns the radar on
fastsprites 0Sets the complexity of the smoke sprites for the smoke grenade – The range is 0-2, with 0 looking the most like actual smoke
hud_centerid 0Toggles the auto-ID text – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’
lefthand 0Toggles the use of weapons in left hand – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’
listmapsLists the maps available on the server. The maps are listed by editing the mapcycle.txt file.
max_shells 300Sets the number of shells visible at one time (0-500)
max_smokepuffs 300Sets the number of smoke puffs visible at one time (0-500)
nightvisionBind this to a toggle on the use of the night vision goggles
rate 250014.4 connection, set your rate to 1500 – 33.6k connection use 3000 – 56k modem use 3500 – ISDN should be 5000 – all connections faster than that should be between 5000 and 9999
setinfo vgui_menus 1Toggles the VGUI menu – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’
timeLeftHow much time is left on the particular map
votemapAllows the client to vote for a particular map
Server Side Commandstaskdescription
rcon_password passwordChange RCON PassReplace password with the rcon server password to gain access to all the rcon commands.
changelevel map_nameChange LevelThis command allows you to change the map.
usersstatusLists the current players names with id and wonid.
kick nameKick Player NameIf you need to replace a player name with the player name.
kick #numberKick Player IDIf you need to kick a player replace number with the player number.
banid time #numberBan Player IDIf you need to replace a player with the amount of time you would like to ban them
sv_password passwordServer PasswordTo password protect the server replace password with the games password.
sv_restart timeRestart GameResart the game, both teams scores are reset as is money. replace time with a value upto 10.
sv_restartround timeRestart RoundResart the round, replace time with a value upto 10.
mp_friendlyfire numberFrienly FireReplace number with 1 to turn it on 0 or turn it off.
mp_forcechasecam numberChase CamReplace number with 1 to force chase cam mode or 0 to disable it.
mp_roundlimit numberRound limitReplace number with the amount of rounds before the level changes.
mp_roundtime numberRound TimeReplace number with a time in minutes – normally 5 (3-15 allowed).
mp_timelimit numberTime limitReplace number with the time in minutes for each map – 0 = no time limit.
say textSay something though serverSends a message from the server admin to the screen which all players can read. replace text with the message.
cm_say @@ r textColor MessageSends a color message to the center of the screen. replace r which is red with g for green and yellow etc. replace text with the message.
quitRestart serverRestarts your server
mp_startmoney xStaring MoneyThis integer value controls the beginning of a new map or when they join a server. 800 is the default and the minimum value, while 16000 is the maximum.
mp_logdetail xDeatailed LogUse this bitwise to control the depth of your logs. Be warned, these options can drive away hard drive space and CPU cycles. Use 0, the default, to log no attacks, 1 to log enemy attacks, 2 to log teammate attacks, and 3 to log both.
mp_playerid xPlayer IDThis variable controls what players see when they put their crosshair over an enemy, a hostage, or a teammate. At 0 (the default), the player sees all the popups with team colors. At 1, the player sees their teammates and hostages, with team colors. At 2, players see no popups.
mp_fadetoblack xfadingThis is so to combat ghosting, but is more harsh. 0 wants to have no affect on the game, while 1 wants to disable chasecam and any sort of death cam at all. The client’s screen fades to black instantly after death. One boon of this setting is that corpses stay around for the entire round. Useful for clan matches.
mp_buytime xBuying TimeA floating point (decimal) value to determine the buy time in minutes. Eg, ‘1.25’ equals one minute and fifteen seconds of time to buy (this is not the break, but the time is it’s legal to purchase stuff). The minimum value is 0.25 and there is no maximum.
mp_winlimit xWin limitThis, of course, is an integer (whole number). When a team reaches this amount of wins (before the time limit is reached), it has won the map. 0, or disabled, is the default.
allow_spectators xSpectatorsSetting to 1 will allow spectators, while 0 wants to disallow them. These are non-playing spectators, not dead people.
mp_autokick xTeam Killer BanningThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles automatic team-killer banning and kicking of idle clients – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.
mp_autoteambalance xTeam balancingThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles the forcing of clients to join teams to make it balanced – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.
mp_c4timer xBomb timerThis variable is defaulted to 45. C4 placement and its explosion – ranges between 15 and 90 seconds.
mp_flashlight xUse FlashlightsThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles the use of flashlights by clients – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.
mp_footsteps xHear FootstepsThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles footstep sounds – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.
mp_freezetime xFreeze Players For BuyingThis variable is defaulted to 6. Sets the amount of “freeze” time at the beginning of each round to buy weapons and equipment – Use a setting of ‘0’ to disable.
mp_hostagepenalty xHostage Kill KickingThis variable is defaulted to 0, or disabled. Sets the number of hostages a player can kill before they are booted from the server.
mp_limitteams xNumber of more players on team can over each otherThis variable is defaulted to 2. Sets the maximum number of players that one team can have more than the other team – Use a setting of ‘0’ to completely disable the team limiting.
mp_logmessages xLog Chat MessagesThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles logging of messages in the log files – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.
mp_mapvoteratio xMap Vote RationThis variable is defaulted to 0.6. Set the ratio of players required to vote on the same map. The default is 0.6, which means 60% of the players on a server must vote on the same map. The range is 0.0-1.0.
mp_kickpercent xKick Vote RationThis variable is defaulted to 0.66. Set the ratio of players on someone’s team. The default is 0.66, which means 66% (2 / 3rds) of the players on his team have to kick him off. The range is 0.0-1.0.
mp_tkpunish xTeam Kill PunishingThis variable is defaulted to 1. Toggles the forcing of a player to sit out the next round if he has just killed a teammate – Setting of 1 = ‘on’, and 0 = ‘off’.

Basic Console Commandsdescription
_snd_mixahead 0.100set sound mixahead value – similar to s_mixahead in Quake2 – can fix stuttering issues with some sound cards
_vid_default_mode 0sets default video mode (screen resolution)
_vid_default_mode_win 3sets default windowed video mode (screen resolution)
_vid_wait_override 0sets video wait override
_windowed_mouse 0enables mouse in windowed mode
+ alt1
+ alt2
+ attackfir
+ attack2secondary fire – * see special
+ backmove backwards
+ camdistancemoves chase cam perspective away from player – * works only if third person is activated
+ caminmoves chase cam forward – * works only if third person is activated
+ cammousemovemoves chase with mouse – * works only if third person is activated
+ CamOutmoves chase cam backward – * works only if third person is activated
+ campitchdowndecreases chase cam pitch to look down – * works only if third person is activated
+ campitchupincreases chase cam pitch to look up – * works only if third person is activated
+ camyawlefttilts chase cam left – * works only if third person is activated
+ camyawrighttilts chase cam right – * works only if third person is activated
+ det20sets detpack with 20 second timers – * demo class only
+ det5sets detpack with 5 second timers – * demo class only
+ det50sets detpack with 50 second timers – * demo class only
+ duckcrouches
+ forwardmoves forward
+ gren1launches grenade type 1 – * see primegrenX, throwgren
+ ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxsets ip address
+ gren2launches grenade type 2 – * see primegrenX, throwgren
+ jlookenables joystick to look around
+ jumpjumps
+ klookenables the keyboard to look around
+ leftpunished left
look down +looks down
+ lookuplooks up
+ mlookenables mouse to look around
moveDown +moves down – * climbing down a ladder, swimming down
+ Moveleftpunished left
+ Move rightpunitive right
+ moveupmoves up – * climbing up a ladder, swimming up
+ reloadreload’s current weapon
+ rightpunitive right
+ Show coresshows player scores and pings
+ speedforces player to walk if ‘always run’ is enabled, and forces to run if ‘always run’ is disabled
+ strafepunishment modifier – while this is down, use direction keys to punish in different directions
+ useuses an item- such as a button, machine gun, etc.
adm_banbans the current player in the player’s list from the server – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_ceasefirepauses or unpauses the game – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_countplayersshows the number of players on a server and their teams – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_dealbegins a cycle in the player’s list that asks to kick, ban, or next for each player – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_kickkicks the current player in the player’s list from the server – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_listplayerslists all players and their ip addresses – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
adm_nextadvances to the next player in the player’s list – must have admin status of server by using the “admin <password>” command
admin <password>after server has set “tfc_adminpwd”, use this in-game console to gain admin status of the server and use any of the “adm_ *” commands
alias <name> “cmd1; cmd2”binds commands together in an alias to perform mutiple tasks at the hit of one button
allowuploadtoggles the uploading of local decals and models to the server on / off
ambient_fade 100sets the distance at which ambient sounds fade away
ambient_level 0.300sets the sound level for ambient sounds
appenddemo <demoname>Records a demo and appends it to the demo file at Life at Half-Life / Valve / demo.dem
autosaveenables autosave feature
bgetmodrequests batch mod status
bgetsvrequests batch server list
bgmbuffer 4096sets the CD audio buffer size
bgmvolume 0toggles CD audio on / off * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
bind <key> <command>combines a <key> with a command or alias
bottomcolor 6sets the bottom color of the player model
brightness 1enables glare reduction – * the higher the value, the brighter it gets
builddisplays the build menu to sentry or dispenser – * engineer class only
c_maxdistance 200sets the maximum distance of the chase cam
c_maxpitch 90sets the maximum pitch of the chase cam
c_maxyaw 135sets the maximum yaw of the chase cam
c_minidistance 30sets the minimum distance of the chase cam
c_minpitch 0sets the minimum pitch of the chase cam
c_minyaw -135sets the minimum yaw of the chase cam
cam_command 0toggles chase cam commands on / off – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cam_contain 0toggles chase cam auto-contain in current room on / off – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cam_idealdist 64sets the preferred distance from the player model to the chase cam – * works only if third person is activated
cam_idealpitch 0sets the preferred pitch for the chase cam – * works only if third person is activated
cam_idealyaw 90sets the preferred yaw for the chase cam – * works only if third person is activated
cam_snapto 0sets the preferred snap interval for the chase cam – * works only if third person is activated
cancelselectcancels selection
CDcontrols CD audio – * ie, ‘cd stop’ stops the cd play, ‘cd loop X’ plays track X using tracks 1-16
center viewcenters the players view
change classdisplays the change class menu
change teamdisplays the team change menu
chase_back 100sets the preferred chase cam distance from the player when backing up
chase_right 0sets the preferred offset to the side for the chase cam
chase_up 16sets the preferred offset up for the chase cam
cl_adaptivedisplays time, dropped packet%, average latency, up / down rates, and frames per second (FPS)
cl_allow_download 0toggles download of maps, models and decals when joining a server – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_allow_upload 0toggles upload of maps, models and decals when joining a server – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_allowdownload 0toggles download of maps, models and decals when joining a server – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_allowupload 0toggles upload of maps, models and decals when joining a server – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_anglespeedkey 0.670sets the speed that the directional keys change the view angle
cl_appendmixed 0toggles the forcing of mixed sounds as sequential sounds instead – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_backspeed 400sets the backup speed of a player – number can only go as fast as a particular server allows
cl_bitcountsshows list of bits received for each player, with delta values
cl_bob 0.010sets the amount that the bobs while the player is running
cl_bobcycle 0.800sets how often the view of a player bobs while running
cl_bobup 0.500sets the amount that the player bobs while running
cl_download_ingame 0toggles downloads of models and decals during a game – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_download_max 0sets the maximum number of files downloaded from a server
cl_downloadinterval 1sets the minimum time between downloads from a server
cl_forwardspeed 400sets the forward speed of a player – * can only go as fast as the server allows
cl_gaitestimation 1enables estimated player stepping motion
cl_gg 0toggles game gauge mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_himodelstoggles higer quality player models – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_messagesshows server messages
cl_movespeedkey 0.300sets movement speed for keyboard use
cl_nodeltatoggles delta compression – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_nopred 0toggles client-side prediction – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_pitchdown <angle>sets the maximum angle to look down – * default is 89
cl_pitchspeed 225sets the speed at which the pitch changes
cl_pitchup <angle>sets the maximum angle to look up – * default is 89
cl_pred_fraction 0.5sets the client-side prediction faction – * closer to 1.0 is more prediction
cl_pred_link 1sets the client-side prediction link value
cl_pred_maxtime 255sets the maximum client-side prediction time
cl_predict_players 1toggles prediction of other players – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_print_customdisplays loaded custom .wad files or decals
cl_resend 3sets the resend count
cl_rollangle 2sets the view angle tilt for roll motion
cl_rollspeed 200sets the view tilt speed
cl_shownet 0toggles the display of network packet numbers – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_showsizes 0toggles the display of network packet size graph – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_sidespeed 400sets the strafing speed of a player
cl_skycolor_b 0sets the blue component of the sky color
cl_skycolor_g 0sets the green component of the sky color
cl_skycolor_r 0sets the red component of the sky color
cl_skyname <name>sets the sky pattern – * search as ‘cl_skyname desert’
cl_skyvec_x 0sets the sky pattern position x-coordinate
cl_skyvec_y 0sets the sky pattern position y-coordinate
cl_skyvec_z 0sets the sky pattern position z-coordinate
cl_slist 10sets the number of servers in the serverlist
cl_solid_players 1toggles solid player models – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
cl_timeout 305sets the inactivity time brfore a client times out
cl_upload_max 0sets the maximum number of files a client can upload to a server
cl_upspeed 320sets the speed of a player when he climbs up
cl_usrdisplays user HUD information
cl_viewdisplays list of current on-screen entities
cl_waterdist 4sets the underwater distance
cl_yawspeed 210sets the turning speed – * only wants to go as fast as a server allows
clearclears the console screen
clear listclears the server list
clientport 27005sets the port that the client wants to use to connect to a server
cmdcan use this in conjunction with a command
con_notifytime 4sets client notification time
connect <ip address>connects to a server with the used ip address
contimes <n>shows n overlay lines – * n = 4 to 64
coop 0toggles cooperatice play mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
crc <mapname>displays the crc value for the map at maps \ <mapname> .bsp
crosshair 0toggles the crosshair on / off – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
customrsrclist <arg>issues a resource request
dc 0toggles the display of the class briefings – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
deathmatch 0toggles deathmatch mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
default_fov 90sets the default field of view in degrees – <smaller number is a smaller angle of view, while a larger number is a larger field of view
demosruns a loop of demos set with startdemos
detdispenserremotely detonates ammo dispenser – * engineer class only
discarddrops unusable ammo
disconnectdisconnects a player from a server
displaysoundlist 0toggles on / off a list of all loaded sounds – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
downloadstarting downloading files from a server – * only if ‘cl_download_ingame’ is set to 1
echo “message”echoes text to the console – * useful for letting a player know that a script or .cfg file was loaded successfully
edgefriction 2sets the amount of friction between players and objects
enableconsoleenables the console screen
endmovieends a currently ongoing movie
EnvMapcreates the 6 .bmp images for sky boxes from the player’s current position
escapeacts as <ESCAPE> key by hiding the console and canceling selections
fakelag 0simulates lag – * the higher the number, the more simulated lag
fakeloss 0simulates packet loss – * the higher the value, the more simulated packet loss
feignfake death – * spy class only
firstPersonenables first person viewing of the game
flaginfodisplays flag status
flushflushes the memory and reloads the map
force_centerviewforces the player’s view to look straight ahead
fps_lan 31sets the maximum frame rate on a LAN game
fps_modem 31sets the maximum frame rate in an internet game
fps_single 80sets the maximum frame rate in a single player game
fullinfo <complete info string>displays user information
full serverInfodisplays server information
gamma 3sets the gamma level
getcertificategets certificate from WON
getsvlists each server’s ip address and the total number of servers
gg <demoname>runs the game gauge benchmark using <demoname> – * ‘cl_gg’ must be set to 1
gl_affinemodels 0
gl_alphamine 0.250sets the minimum alpha blending level
gl_clear 0toggles visual quality – * cracks between textures show when set to 1
gl_cull 1toggles rendering visible objects only – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, and 0 wants lower fps
gl_d3dflip 0toggles reversed rendering order for D3D
gl_dither 1toggles dithering – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_dumplists the data for the video card: vendor, renderer, version, and extensions used
gl_flipmatrix 0toggles special crosshair fix when using the 3DNow! 3Dfx MiniGL – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_keeptjunctions 0toggles showing of cracks between textures – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, with 1 being the better quality and slower fps
gl_lightholes 0toggles light holes – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_log <logfilename>writes graphic debug messages to <logfilename>
gl_max_size 256sets the maximum texture size
gl_monolights 0toggles a uniform light source with no shadows – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, and works in OpenGL only
gl_nobind 0toggles the replacement of textures with alphanumeric characters – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_overbright 0toggle’s maximum brightness mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_palette_tex 0toggles paletted textures – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_picmip 0sets the rendering quality – * higher the number is faster but lower quality
gl_playermip 0sets the player rendering quality – * higher the number is faster but lower quality
gl_polyoffset 4sets the polygon offset – try different values ​​for texture flickering problems
gl_reporttjunctions 0toggles writing T-junction reporting to the console
gl_round_down 3sets the texture rounding down value – * higher the number faster but lower quality
gl_smoothmodels 0toggles model smoothing – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_spriteblend 0toggles blending sprite graphics – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_texelsreports the number of texas uploaded to the video card
gl_texsort 0toggles a texel sort – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
gl_texturemode [type]which are slower – * [type] options are: gl_nearest_mipmap_nearest, gl_linear_mipmap_nearest (these two deal with bilinear filtering) and gl_nearest_mipmap_linear, gl_linear_mipmap_linear (which deals with trilinear filtering)
gl_wateramp 0.300
gl_zmax 4096sets the maximum size for the Z-buffer
gl_ztrick 1toggles the speeding up of 3Dfx rendering – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
godgod mode makes player invincible – * ‘sv_cheats’ must be set to 1
graphheight 64sets the height of the r_netgraph display
graphhigh 512sets the maximum value of the r_netgraph display
graphmean 1sets the mean value of the r_netgraph display
graphmedian 128sets the median value of the r_netgraph display
hideconsolehides the console
hisound 1toggles high-quality sound – * 1 = 22kHz, 0 = 11kHz
hud_centerid 0toggles player ID display – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
hud_deathnotice_time 6sets how long death messages stay onscreen
hud_drawhistory_time 5sets how long HUD item icons remain onscreen
hud_fastswitch 0toggles almost weapon switching – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
hud_saytext_time 5sets how long chat messages stay onscreen
pulses 100enables flashlight
pulses 101gives all weapons and ammo – * ‘sv_cheats’ must be set to 1
impulses 201sprays logo decal
interpenables frame interpolation
invlastselects previous item in inventory
invnextselects next item in inventory
invprevselects previous item in inventory
ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxxsets ip address
ip_clientport 0sets the client port for a TCP / IP game
ipx_clientport 0sets the client port for IPX game
joyadvanced 0These are joystick variables.
joyadvaxisr 0
joyadvaxisv 0
joyadvaxisx 0
joyadvaxisy 0
joyadvaxisz 0
joyforwardsensitivity -1
joyforwardthreshold 0.150
joyname 0
joypitch sensitivity 1
joypitchthreshold 0.150
joysidesensitivity -1
joysidethreshold 0.150
joystick 0
joywwhack1 0
joywwhack2 0
joyyawsensitivity -1
joyyawthreshold 0.150
killplayer suicides to respawn again
lambert 1.500
lcd_x 0may have something to do with lcd display monitors
lcd_yaw 0may have something to do with lcd display monitors
lightgamma 2.500sets the lighting gamma value
ruselists local servers found after using the ‘slist’ commands
listdemo <demoname>lists information about <demoname>
load <name>loads a saved game
loadas8bit 0toggles the forcing of 8-bit sounds – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
localinfoshows local settings
logoslists decals
lookspring 0toggles automatic view centering when ‘mlook’ is deactivated – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
lookstrafe 0toggles mouse strafing when ‘mlook’ is active – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
m_filter 0toggles mouse filtering (smoothing) – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
m_forwardsets the mouse forward speed sensitivity multiplier
m_pitch 0.022sets the mouse pitch (up and down motion) speed sensitivity multiplier – * negative numbers result in an inverted mouselook
m_side 0.800sets the mouse strafing speed sensitivity multiplier
m_yaw 0.022sets the yaw speed sensitivity multiplier
mcachelists modem cache contents
menuselect <x>selects item <x> from a menu
message mode <text>displays <text> to all other players on a server
message_mode2 <text>displays <text> to other players on same team
model <model name>changes current player model to <model name>
motddisplays the message of the day from the server’s motd.txt file
name <player name>used to change a player’s name
netbadsimulates a bathroom network connection
netchokeloop 0
NetMaxdisplays maximum packets and game packets
netusage 0toggles a network usage graph – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
newbegins a new single player game
nextdldownloads next file
noclip 0if turned on, players can walk through walls – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, and ‘sv_cheats’ must be set to 1
nosound 0toggles sound – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
notarget 0makes players ignore you – * ‘sv_cheats’ must be set to 1
Breakpauses a game
pingserverspaging servers in the serverlist
pingsv <ip: port>pings a server at <ip: port>
play <filename>plays a .wav designated by <filename>
playdemo <filename>plays <filename>. at normal speed
playvol 9sets demo playback volume
pm_nostucktouch 0
pm_nostudio 0
pm_pushfix 0
pm_worldonly 0
pointfile <filename>loads maps \ <filename> .pts
precache 0toggles preloading all files at map start – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
primegren1primes grenade type 1
primegren2primes grenade type 2
pushlatency -100set this number to the inverse of your ping to help latency
quitexits to windows without confirmation
r_decals 250sets the maximum number of decals
r_drawadaptive 0
r_drawentities 0toggles drawing player models and sprites – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_drawviewmodel 0toggles drawing player weapon model – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_dynamic 0toggles dynamic lighting – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_fullbrighttoggles maximum brightness in local games only – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_glowshellfreq 2.2
r_lightmap <map #>software rendering mode only – * displays one of four (0,1,2,3) possible lightmaps to view range of switched lights
r_lightstyle <style #>software rendering mode only – * displays only specified lighting style for viewing full range of pulsing, blinking, etc. lighting effects
r_mirroralpha 0toggles reflective textures – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_mmx 0toggles MMX xalculations for MMX cpu’s – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_netgraph 0toggles graph of network conditions – * 0 is ‘off’, 1 shows green = good, yellow = bad, red = horrible, 2 shows
r_norefresh 0toggles clearing HUD and console before redrawing – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_novis 0toggles drawing underwater polygons – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, ‘r_wateralpha’ must be set to 1
r_shadows 0toggles players’ shadows – * 1 is’ on ‘, 0 is’ off’
r_speeds 0toggles average fps, draw speed and polygon info – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, very useful when making maps
r_traceglow 0toggles inclusion of monsters in glow sprite occlusion checking – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
r_wadtextures 0
r_wateralpha 0toggles alpha blending underwater – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, ‘r_novis’ must be set to 1
rate 5000sets client data rate – * 1000 – 5000 for modems, and 10000+ for LAN
reconnectreconnects to the current server
record <filename>begins to record a demo and saves it to Half-Life \ Valve \ <filename> .dem
removedemo <demo> <sgmt>removes a segment <sgmt> from <demo>
resource listlists all loaded resources
resourceslists loaded decals
retryfour attempts to connect to a server that has already failed
room_delay 0.33D sound setting
room_dlylp 23D sound setting
room_feedback 0.423D sound setting
room_left 03D sound setting
room_lp 03D sound setting
room_mod 03D sound setting
room_off 03D sound setting
room_refl 03D sound setting
room_refl 03D sound setting
room_rvblp 03D sound setting
room_size 03D sound setting
room_type 203D sound setting
s_2dvolume 1maximum volume at which 2D sounds are played – * range from 0 to 1.0
s_a3d 0.000000toggles A3D support – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
s_automax_distance 30sets the distance for maximum sound volume
s_automin_distance 2sets the distance for minimum sound volume
s_blipdir 0
s_bloat 2.0bloat factor for polygons in A3D 2.0 only
s_buffersize 65536sets the buffer size
s_disable_a3d 0toggles disabling a3D – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
s_distance 600 to infinity. The higher the number, the closer everything gets in audio terms – range from 0 to infinity
s_doppler 0.0adjusts the doppler – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, range from 0 to 10, and is very sensitive
s_eax 0toggles EAX support – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
s_enable_a3denables A3D support
s_geometry 0toggles geometry rendering in A3D 2.0 only – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
s_leafnum 0
s_materials 0
s_max_distance 1000maximum distance from the listener before rolloff is no longer applied – * valid range from ‘s_min_distance’ to infinity
s_min_distance 5roll off is applied – * range from 0 to ‘s_max_distance’
s_numpolys 200maximum polygons to be rendered in A3D 2.0 only – setting this to 0 is the same as turning off ‘s_geometry’ – * range from 0 to infinity
s_occfactor 0.250transmission value of material – * the smaller the number, the less sound passes through material – * range from 0 to 1.0
s_occlude 0toggles sound passing throug material (occlusions) in A3D 2.0 only – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
s_polykeep 1000000000
s_polysize 10000000
s_refdelay 4The A3D 2.0 only – the higher the delay, the more time it takes between the source and its first reflection – * range from 0 to 100
s_refgain 0.4adjusts the gain on each reflection in A3D 2.0 only, where the effects of distance are increased: high frequencies are filtered and reduced – * range from 0 to 10
s_rolloff 1.0
s_showtossed 0
s_usepvs 0
s_verbwet 0.25controls the wet / dry mix of reverb for A3D only – higher the number, the more wet the sounds – * range from 0 to 1.0
Savesave current game in single player only
savemecalls for a medic
say “message”chat with all other players on a server
say_team “message”relay a message to only your teammates
scr_centertime 2sets how long server messages remain on the screen
scr_connectmsg “msg”displays “msg” in screen’s lower left
scr_connectmsg1 “msg”displays “msg” 1 in screen’s lower left
scr_connectmsg2 “msg”displays “msg” 2 in screen’s lower left
scr_conspeed 600sets the console scroll speed
scr_ofsx 0sets the screen message offset
scr_ofsy 0sets the screen message offset
scr_ofsz 0sets the screen message offset
scr_printspeed 7sets the screen message print speed
scr_transparentui 1
Screenshotcapture the screen and save it in the Half-Life / Valve directory
sensitivity 9sets the sensitivity of the mouse
servercfgfilesets the sercer config file – * default is server.cfg
serverInfodisplays the server infromation
serverprofile <profile string>sets the server profile
setdemoinfo <demo> <sgmt> infoadd information to a demo, search as a text title, play ‘tracknum’, fade <in / out> or <fast / slow>
setinfo– *, ‘setinfo’ ts “” 0 “‘or’ setinfo” dc “” 0 “‘
setinfo tf_id <Battle ID>sets the tfc clan battle id
sfeignfake death – * spy class only
shortNamedisplays client’s name
showdrop 0toggles the display of dropped packets – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
showinfo 0toggles display of all packets – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
showpackets 0toggles network packet info display – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
show break 0toggles break of graphic display – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
showram 0toggles display of available ram – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
showtriggers 0toggles display of map trigger entities – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
size downdecreases screen size and increases fps
SizeUpincreases screen size and decreases fps
skill 1sets the skill level in single player and coop mode
skin 0sets the model skin
skipdlskips the current download and move on to the next, if any exist
skipulskips the current upload and move to the next, if any exist
slistsearches for local servers – * use ‘list’ to display this list
slot1select weapon group 1 (or menu item 1) see ‘use’
slot2select weapon group 2 (or menu item 2) see ‘use’
slot3select weapon group 3 (or menu item 3) see ‘use’
slot4select weapon group 4 (or menu item 4) see ‘use’
SLOT5select weapon group 5 (or menu item 5) see ‘use’
slot6select weapon group 6 (or menu item 6) see ‘use’
slot7select weapon group 7 (or menu item 7) see ‘use’
slot8select weapon group 8 (or menu item 8) see ‘use’
Slot9select weapon group 9 (or menu item 9) see ‘use’
slot10select weapon group 10 (or menu item 10) see ‘use’
snapshottakes a screenshot
snd_noextraupdate 0toggles extra sound system updates – * 1 is ‘on’ and only use, 0 is ‘off’
snd_show 0toggles the display of which sounds are being played – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
soundfade <parameter>sets the soundfade parameters – * <param> = <%> <hold> [<out> <in>]
sound infodisplays the number of stereo channels, samples, sample bits, speed DMA, and sound channels
sound listdisplays a list of all loaded sounds
spawnspawns a player back into the game
speak <message>to say something over the intercom – * try: hello, # 000000, mesa, you, go alert
specialdisplays the special menu for each class
spectator 0toggles entering a game as a spectator – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’ – spectator mode does not currently work
start demosbegins playing demos in a loop
startmovie <filename>plays a movie
Stopstops the recording of a demo
stop demostop the playing of a demo
stop soundstops playing the current sound
suitvolume 0.220000sets the volume of the HEV suit
swapdemo <demo> <seg> <seg>swaps two segments’ positions inside a demo
tell <message>Specs a message
texgamma 2possibly sets the gamma of the text?
tf_weapon_acselects assault cannon weapon – * hw class only
tf_weapon_autorifleselects autorifle weapon – * sniper class only
tf_weapon_axeselects crowbar – * sniper, soldier, demoman, hw, and pyro classes only
tf_weapon_flamethrowerselects flamethrower – * pyro class only
tf_weapon_glselects grenade launcher – * demo class only
tf_weapon_icselects incendiary cannon – * pyro class only
tf_weapon_knifeselects knife – * spy class only
tf_weapon_medikitselects medkit – * medic class only
tf_weapon_ngselects nailgun – * sniper and scout classes only
tf_weapon_plselects pipe launcher – * demo class only
tf_weapon_railgunselects railgun – * engineer class only
tf_weapon_rpgselects rocket launcher – * soldier class only
tf_weapon_shotgunselects single-barrel shotgun – * scout, soldier, demoman, medic, hw, and pyro classes only
tf_weapon_sniperrifleselects sniper rifle – * sniper class only
tf_weapon_spannerselects the spanner / wrench – * engineer class only
tf_weapon_superngselects the super nailgun – * medic class only
tf_weapon_supershotgunselects double-barrel shotgun – * soldier, medic, hw, spy, and engineer classes only
tf_weapon_tranqselects the tranquilizer gun – * spy class only
third personenables third-person view
throwgrenthrows the grenade type last primed with ‘primegren1’ or ‘primegren2’
timedemo <demoname>plays <demoname>. at max fps and reports average fps
time refreshplayer spins in plave and reports average fps for the spinning view
toggleconsoletoggles the console screen – * usually bound to ‘~’
topcolor 30sets the model top color
traceralpha 0.500sets tracer bullet alpha component
tracerblue 0.400sets tracer bullet blue component
tracergreen 0.800sets tracer bullet green component
tracerlength 0.800sets the tracer bullet length
traceroffset 30sets the tracer bullet offset
tracerred 0.800sets the tracer bullet red component
tracerspeed 6000sets the tracer bullet speed
unbind <key>removes binding to key <key>
unbindallremoves all key bindings
uploadUpload files to a server
upratedisplays the transmission rate to a server
use <item>uses an item or weapon, search as ‘use weapon_crowbar’
user <name / id #>lists model color, name, rate, and model for specified user
v_centermove 0.150
c_centerspeed 500
v_dark 0
v_kickpitch 0.600sets the amount player view pitch changes when player is hit
v_kickroll 0.600sets the amount player view changes when player is hit
v_kicktime 0.500sets the duration of the player’s view pitch and roll when player is hit
versiongives it version and date it was installed
vid_config_x 800sets horizontal screen resolution
vid_config_y 600sets vertical screen resolution
vid_d3d 0toggles Direct3D support – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
vid_describemodedisplays video mode settings
vid_mode 0sets video mode
vid_nopageflip 0toggles disabling video page flipping – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
vid_stretch_by_2enables video stretching (for interlaced display)
vid_wait 0toggles video sync – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
view frameenables wire-frame display – * OpenGL only
viewmodelenables model display
view nextselects next model
viewprevselects previous model
viewsize 120sets view size
violence_ablood 0toggles blood – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
violence_agibs 0toggles gibs – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
violence_hgibs 0toggles gibs – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
volume 1.0sets game volume
waitpauses for 1 tick during running an alias or script
waterroom_type 14
weapon_357weapon name for .357 magnum – * for example, ‘use weapon_357’
weapon_9mmARweapon name for .9mm assault rifle – * ie, ‘use weapon_9mmAR’
weapon_9mmhandgunweapon name for .9mm pistol – * ie, ‘use weapon_9mmhandgun’
weapon_crossbowweapon name for crossbow – * ie, ‘use weapon_crossbow’
weapon_crowbarweapon name for crowbar – * ie, ‘use weapon_crowbar’
weapon_egonweapon name for egon gun – * ie, ‘use weapon_egon’
weapon_gaussweapon name for gauss gun – * ie, ‘use weapon_gauss’
weapon_handgrenadeweapon name for handgrenade – * ie, ‘use weapon_handgrenade’
weapon_hornetgunweapon name for hornet gun – * ie, ‘use weapon_hornetgun’
weapon_rpgweapon name for rocket launcher – * ie, ‘use weapon_rpg’
weapon_satchelweapon name for satchel charge – * ie, ‘use weapon_satchel’
weapon_shotgunweapon name for shotgun – * ie, ‘use weapon_shotgun’
weapon_snarkweapon name for snarks – * ie, ‘use weapon_snark’
weapon_tripmineweapon name for tripwire mines – * ie, ‘use weapon_tripmine’
zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1.200sets mouse sensitivity while using weapon zoom
developer 0toggles on / off special developer debug console messages – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
entitiesLists currently loaded entities
hpkextract <filename> [all | 1 idx]extracts files from hpk file – * opts = <hpkname> [all | single index]
hpklist <hpkfilename>lists the files in <hpkfilename>
hpkremove <name> <index>removes files from <hpkfilename>
hpkval <filename>displays the checksum value for <hpkfilename>
addip <min> <ipaddress>add an ip address to the filterbase list – * use 0 minutes to make the addition permanent
banid <minutes> <uniqueid>bans a player from a server using their uniqueid – get this unique id from the “users” command – 0 minutes is a permanent ban – ** Version only
banid <minutes> <uniqueid> kickbans AND kicks a player from a server using their uniqueid – get this unique id from the “users” command – 0 minutes is a permanent ban – ** Version only
changelevel <mapname>changes the map and maintains client connections
changelevel2 <mapname>continues the current game on a new map
cmdlistlists all of the console commands – * if you type ‘cmdlist a’, it will only list those commands that begin with the letter a, and so on – so, ‘cmdlist log logfile writes the list to C: \ logfile
cr_demoman #sets the number of demons allowed on a team
cr_engineer #set the number of engineers allowed on a team
cr_hw #sets the number of hw’s allowed on a team
cr_medic #set the number of medics allowed on a team
cr_pyro #set the number of pyros allowed on a team
cr_sniper #set the number of snipers allowed on a team
cr_soldier #set the number of soldiers allowed on a team
cr_spy #set the number of spies allowed on a team
cvarlistlists all the console variables in the console – * ‘cvar log filename’ wants to write this list to the file C: \ filename
decalfrequency <seconds>sets how often players can display their logo – * default is 30
drop clientdisconnects a client from a server
exec <filename>executes a script of .cfg file
exitCloses a game or dedicated server program to windows without confirmation
filterbasket 0toggles ip banning – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
heartbeatsends a heartbeat signal to the master server to “remind” the master server that is still online and available
host_framerate 0sets the speed that the host / server interacts with the game
host_killtime 0sets a time delay before killing the server
hostname <name>sets the server hostname
hostport 27015sets connection port for the server
info <userid>lists info on a player
ip_hostport 0sets the server port for a TCP / IP game
ipx_serverport 0sets the server port for IPX game
keysshows the CD key info
kick <player>kicks a player from a server using their name
kick # <keys #>kicks a player from a server using their id keys # – get this # from using the “keys” command
kick # <userid>kicks a player from a server using their userid – get the userid from using the “users” command – ** version only
killservershuts down the server
listidlists the uniqueid’s in the banlist
listiplists the ip addresses in the filter list
log on
log off
toggles logging
logaddress <ip> <port>sets the address for logfile when logging to a remote machine
lservercfgfilesets the listen server config file – default is listenserver.cfg
map <mapname>changes the map running on servers and disconnects currently connected players
mapcyclefile 0specifies the name of the list of maps to run through on a server – * default is ‘mapcycle.txt’
maps <substring>lists maps containing <substring>
maxplayers 16set maximum number of clients allowed on a server
motd_display_time 8sets the amount of time that the motd wants to remain displayed on players’ screens
mp_autocrosshair 0toggles the use of autoaim crosshairs – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_decals 300sets the maximum number of decals to be displayed at a time
mp_falldamage 0toggles realistic case damage – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_flashlight 0toggles use of flashlight for clients – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_footsteps 0toggles footstep sounds – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_forcerespawn 0toggles forcing clients to immediately respawn when killed – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_fraglimit 40set number of questions that changes maps when reached
mp_friendlyfire 0toggles friendly fire damage from teammates – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_logecho 0toggles logging of echo commands – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_logfile 0toggles logging during multiplayer games – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
mp_teamlist <teamname / modelname;
team name / model name>
sets the teamnames and models used for the teams in teamplay fashion
mp_teamplay 21set the flag number (as it 21 listed here) to enable teamplay with that flag number’s corresponding actions
mp_timelimit 25sets the time in minutes between map changes
mp_weaponstay 0toggles whether they remain after a player picks them up – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
password <pass>sets private server password
pathdisplays current search path
pausable 0toggles whether or not clients can break a server game – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
pingdisplays pings of all clients
port 27015sets the defualt server connection port
quitexits to windows without confirmation
rcon <password>
rcon <command>
remote console command of a server – * <password> must be given first by rcon client
rcon_address <ip addy>sets the rcon ip address
rcon_password <pass>sets the rcon password
rcon_port 27015sets the rcon console port
registered 0
reloadreload’s current map
removeid <uniqueid>removes uniqueid from being banned on a server – ** Version / only
removeip <ip addy>removes ip address from the filter list
restartrestarts the current map and cleans the slate
setmaster <ip or hostname>sets the master server – * use either an ip addy or a hostname
stuffcmdsused to initialize client console commands from server and restarts server and then does some funky thing to the server display
sv_accelerate 10sets the player acceleration for a server
sv_aim 0toggles auto-aim for clients – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_airaccelerate 10sets the movement speed while player is in the air
sv_airmove 0toggles clients ability to move in the air
sv_allow_downloadenabling ability of clients to download maps and decals
sv_allow_uploadenabling ability of clients to upload models and decals
sv_allowdownload 0toggles the ability to download maps and decals – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_allowupload 0toggles the ability to upload models and decals – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_bounce 0toggles bounce pads – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_challengetime 15sets the time allowed for clients to connect to a game
sv_cheats 0toggles cheats – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_clienttrace 3.5sets the client bounding box for collisions
sv_clipmode 0toggles client clipping mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_friction 4sets friction
sv_gravity 800sets level of in-game gravity
sv_idealpitchscale 0.800sets the pitch preference
sv_lan 0toggles LAN server mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
sv_language 0sets language
sv_maxrate 5000sets the maximum data rate allowed on a server – good for HPB only servers – ** version only
sv_maxspectators 8sets the maximum number of spectators – spectator mode does not currently work
sv_maxspeed 500sets the maximum player speed for all clients
sv_maxvelocity 2000sets the maximum velocity
sv_minrate 8000sets the minimum data rate allowed on a server – good for LPB only servers – ** Version only
sv_netsize 0sets the maximum network packet size – * 0 = auto
sv_newunit 0
sv_password 0sets a password for clients to enter a server
sv_print_customgives me SZ_Overflow error and then exits server
sv_sendvelocity 1
sv_showcmd 0
sv_skyname 0sets the sky texture
sv_smartdelta 1
sv_spectalk 1toggles allowing spectator clients to chat – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’ – spectator mode does not currently work
sv_spectator_password 0sets a password for clients to enter spectator mode – spectator mode does not currently work
sv_spectatormaxspeed 500sets the maximum movement speed of spectators – spectator mode does not currently work
sv_stepsize 18monster and player car step-up size – * larger values ​​allows auto-climbing of steeper slopes
sv_stopspeed 100speed at which the player stops when running forward, back, left or right
sv_timeout 65sets the timeout inactivity limit
sv_typeenables server cpu and os to be given out on server queries
sv_upload_maxsize 0sets the maximum upload file size
sv_wateraccelerate 10sets the in-water acceleration of clients
sv_wateramp 0
sv_waterfriction 1sets friction underwater
sv_zmax 4096sets the maximum zbuffer size
statuslists each client and the following info for each client: user #, frags, name, framerate, latency, ping, packet drop%
team 0toggles team mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
team1_color <color>sets team1 color
team1_model <model>sets team1 model
team1_name <name>sets team1 name
team1_skin <skin>sets team1 skin
team2_color <color>sets team2 color
team2_model <model>sets team2 model
team2_name <name>sets team2 name
team2_skin <skin>sets team2 skin
tfc_adminpwd <password>sets the tfc admin password – * use “admin <password” in the in-game console to take the rcon of server
tfc_autoteam 0toggles auto-team selection – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_balance_scores 0toggles team balancing by scores – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_balance_teams 0toggles team balancing by number of players – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_birthdaytoggles birthday mode (explosive appear as presents) – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_clanbattle 0toggles tfc clan battle (tournament) mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_clanbattle_ceasefire 0toggles ceasefire mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, ‘tfc_clanbattle’ must be set to 1
tfc_clanbattle_locked 0toggles locked (play) mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, ‘tfc_clanbattle’ must be set to 1
tfc_clanbattle_prematch 0toggles prematch (practice) mode – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’, ‘tfc_clanbattle’ must be set to 1
tfc_fragscoring 0toggles inclusion of questions in team score total – * 1 is ‘on’, 0 is ‘off’
tfc_respawndelay 0sets respawn delay in tfc games
tfc_spam_limit 20period of time that will cause spamming penalty
tfc_spam_penalty1 8sets spam level 1
tfc_spam_penalty2 2sets spam penalty level2
usersuserid’s (# ‘s generated by server) and uniqueid’s (id # unique per cd key and assigned by WON) – ** Version only
WriteIdwrites unique id’s to banned.cfg – ** Version only
writeipwrites ip addresses to listip.cfg

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