Amxx Spectator Bot

The website bot allows your website name to appear in space as a bot. It’s an advertising bot, it doesn’t function in the game. It is halfway to advertising the website by staying in the space constantly. I put the sample picture. Put this command in the amxx.cfg file, bw_botname

Cvar Commands;

  • bw_botname Gaming-Zone.Info
  • bw_kickbot 30 (This command does not occupy space when the server is full and automatically disappears. Its default setting. When the server is 30 people, the server bot quits the game.)
  • bw_enable 1 (Open) 0 (Close) (Plugini on / off command)




  •    1. “WebSiteBot.sma” file to / cstrike / addons / amxmodx / scripting folder.
  •    2. “WebSiteBot.amxx” file to / cstrike / addons / amxmodx / plugins folder.
  •    3. Add “WebSiteBot.amxx” to the bottom line of the /cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini file.
  •    4. Finally restart the server, or change map.!

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