Amxx Admin Prefixes

Admin Prefixes for cs server


With this plugin you can set prefixes to Admins with special flags. Also Admins can put custom prefixes to them or to other players if they want, but only if they have the required flag.

Cvars :

ap_bad_prefixes 1

ap_listen 0

ap_listen_flag l

ap_custom_current 1

ap_custom_current_flag b

ap_say_characters 1

ap_prefix_characters 1

How to set up ap_prefixes.ini or edit file for you server.

– When adding new prefix, you should conform that you must set the type of the prefix. There are 4 types: type Flag, type IP, type SteamID and type Name, each begins with the character “f”, “i”, “s” и “n” accordingly.
Here are some examples:
“f” “n” “[PREFIX FLAG]” – this way person with Flag n will have prefix [PREFIX FLAG]
“i” “” “[PREFIX IP]” – this way person with IP will have prefix [PREFIX IP]
“s” “STEAM_0:1:52985922” “[PREFIX STEAMID]” – this way person with Name m0skVi4a ;] will have prefix [PREFIX NAME]
“n” “m0skVi4a ;]” “[PREFIX NAME]” – this way person with Name m0skVi4a ;] will have prefix [PREFIX NAME]


1. Testet Work Amx 1.8.2-1.10.0
2. adminprefixes.amxx file goes to plugins 
3. admin_prefixes.txt goes to data/lang dir
4. ap_prefixes.ini and ap_bad_prefixes.ini go to configs dir and customize them.
5. Add the name of the adminprefixes.amxx.amxx file in plugins.ini and start your server



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