AMXX High Ping Reducer plugin for cs 1.6

High Ping Reducer plugin for cs 1.6

I have seen few High Ping Kicker for CS, One of them is for AMX Super and other somehow changes client side rates. I think changing client’s settings according to your server needs is not a good idea as client side settings are set according to his computer performance so the user can play it smoothly. Therefor this plugin doesn’t change any of these settings. As its title says, It kicks player with high latency/ping.

Currently, It has two basic cvars.

amx_maxping – Maximum ping allowed to play with, use as amx_maxping 80 (default: 120).
amx_check_frequency – Time in seconds in which user would be checked for high ping, use as amx_check_frequency 10 (default:60).

By default admins will not be kicked but everybody will be notified if they have high ping.

I will be adding more features to it as I get any new idea.



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