CS 1.6 Hats Pack [134 Hat Models]

Just choose and choose, you can choose Happyall 134 players with the full 1.6 cs 1.6 hat model and the plug of these hats. The 134 cs hat model is not included in the hat, but in extra integrated models.

If you watch the video from start to finish, you can see all the models one by one. You can also choose the cs 1.6 admin hat among these models. Model powers are adjusted for all players. If you want, you can request that only admin select this hat model by assigning authority to the regions that write 0 in the hatlist.ini file. 0 If you make A in the place that says it, only admins can take that hat or hats.

The authorization options in the HatsPack.ini file are;

  • 0 – Everyone
  • T – Terrorist
  • C – Counter Terrorist
  • A – Admin


  • fakemeta


  • count / hats
  • say_team / hats


  • hat_adminonly 0 – The code that allows administrators to give hats only. (Default 0)
  • hat_adminhats 1 – Provides the ability to set hat patterns in hatlist.ini.
  • hat_random 1 – Turn on random hat-giving feature
  • hat_glow 0-1-2 – It provides glow color with hat.


  • 1.   Paste all files from rar into / cstrike / folder.
  • 2. Add the text “hats18PL1.amxx” to the bottom line of the /cstrike/addons/amxmodx/configs/plugins.ini file.
  • 3. Finally, reset the server, or change the map.!



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