Gungame Addons for Rehlds / Linux / with AMX Mod X v1.10.0

In the game, Ct and T team players start their first round with a knife and jump lvl according to the number of men they killed. Every lvl jump you get a gun. In other words, as you jump the lvl, the weapon you get is a high weapon with that lvl power. Once a player dies, they can respawn automatically and continue the game.

Gungame Addons for Rehlds / Linux / with AMX Mod X v1.10.0

AMX Mod X v1.10.0.5390
MetaMod v1.3.0.128
Reunion v0.1.0.113
ReAuthCheck v0.1.6
ReSemiclip v2.3.9
SafeNameAndChat v1.1

Anticheats :
WHBlocker v1.5.697
Hackdetector v0.15.328.lite
ReAimDetector v0.2.2

Ammx Plugins :

name                    version     author            file             status   

[  1] Admin Base      AMXX Dev Team     admin.amxx       running  

[  2] Admin Commands  AMXX Dev Team     admincmd.amxx    running  

[  3] Admin Help      AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp.amxx   running  

[  4] Slots Reservation  AMXX Dev Team     adminslots.amxx  running  

[  5] Multi-Lingual System  AMXX Dev Team  running  

[  6] Menus Front-End  AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  

[  7] Commands Menu   AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu.amxx     running  

[  8] Players Menu    AMXX Dev Team     plmenu.amxx      running  

[  9] Maps Menu       AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu.amxx    running  

[ 10] Plugin Menu     AMXX Dev Team     pluginmenu.amxx  running  

[ 11] Admin Chat      AMXX Dev Team     adminchat.amxx   running  

[ 12] Anti Flood      AMXX Dev Team     antiflood.amxx   running  

[ 13] Scrolling Message  AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg.amxx   running  

[ 14] Info. Messages  AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running  

[ 15] Admin Votes     AMXX Dev Team     adminvote.amxx   running  

[ 16] NextMap         AMXX Dev Team     nextmap.amxx     running  

[ 17] TimeLeft        AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  

[ 18] Pause Plugins   AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg.amxx    running  

[ 19] Stats Configuration  AMXX Dev Team     statscfg.amxx    running  

[ 20] Restrict Weapons  AMXX Dev Team     restmenu.amxx    running  

[ 21] StatsX          AMXX Dev Team     statsx.amxx      running  

[ 22] Game Namer              1.1         NeuroToxin        gamenamechanger  running  

[ 23] KGB Bots                2.3         OvidiuS & Desika  2specbots.amxx   running  

[ 24] Advanced Bullet Damage  1.0         Sn!ff3r           demager_hud.amx  running  

[ 25] Reset Score             1.0         Silenttt          resetscore1.amx  running  

[ 26] Ping Faker              1.0         Hattrick          pingfaker.amxx   running  

[ 27] ReAimDetector API       0.2.2       ReHLDS Team       reaimdetector.a  running  

[ 28] Autoresponder/Advertis  0.5         MaximusBrood      ad_manager.amxx  running  

[ 29] AMXX Gag                1.4.9       xPaw & Exolent    amx_gag.amxx     running  

[ 30] GunGame AMXX            2.13b       Avalanche         gungame.amxx     running  

30 plugins, 30 running

Download : Gungame Addons for Rehlds / Linux / with AMX Mod X v1.10.0

Instructions to install :

Download open archive , folder addons , maps , sound and file liblist move to cstrike and start cs server.

Work on REhlds lastest version of gungame , you have gungame maps for your server gg_canyon , gg_dish2 etc..

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