CS: Reset GO Config – Console Reset

In this short guide we will show you how to reset your CS: GO config . If you create your own config for CS: GO, it can happen that it crashes the game or commands that you have once entered can not be easily undone. In such cases, it is recommended to reset the CS: GO Config .

1. Disable Steam Cloud

CS: Reset GO Config - Disable Steam Cloud

For this project to work without further problems, you should first disable the Steam Cloud. In it, personal game settings are saved so that they can be retrieved across all computers and even after a reinstallation.

So that you can reset the CS: GO Config we should disable the Steam Cloud. To do this you go to Steam in the settings and select the sub-item “Cloud”. The checkbox for “Steam Cloud Syncronisation” must be removed and then saved.

2. Delete CS: GO Config

After the Steam Cloud has been deactivated, we can now come to the actual task. All files that affect your config must be deleted. These are located in your Steam directory and possibly also in the Cloud folder of Steam.

Open the following paths and delete all files named “config.cfg” and “autoexec.cfg”:

C: / Program Files / Steam / steamapps / common / Counter-Strike Global Offensive / csgo / cfg

C: / Program Files / Steam / userdata / YOUR-STEAM-ID / 730

Find out STEAM ID

  1. Connect to a server
  2. Call the console with the [^] key
  3. Enter “status” here
  4. In the line with your Steam name is also the Steam ID (eg 0: X: XXXXXX).

3. CS: Reset GO Config

CS: Reset GO Config - Startup Options autoconfig

Now we just have to get CS: GO to load the default config. All you have to do is write a command to the start options of CS: GO. Go to your Steam library. Right-click on CS: GO to open the settings. Then at “Set start options …” insert the following command:


4. Finish

Finally, only CS: GO has to be started to actually load and save the default config. After you’ve started CS: GO everything should be back to its original state and you can close the game to remove the “-autoconfig” command from the startup options.

If you want, you can of course activate the Steam Cloud again and create your own config for CS: GO!

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