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After a short time each CS: GO player comes to a point where he wonders how best to improve his CS: GO Aiming . In addition to tactical style, this is probably the most important point to get really good in CS: GO. Of course it is extremely helpful to have as many hours of play as possible, but there are also some tips and tricks that can speed up the process enormously. In this post we would like to introduce you to the best methods to really improve your aiming!

Set the mouse correctly

A very important factor for better timing is the right mouse settings. In general, it can be said that most people hit CS: GO better with a slow mouse than with a fast mouse. The whole thing, however, depends on many other factors. Find out how to find the best mouse settings in this post .

CS: Set the crosshairs

In CS: GO there are many ways to change the crosshairs via the console. Find out more in our article about the 5 best CS: GO tools .

CS: GO improve response time

CS: GO improve response time

Before it comes to the right Aimtraining, it is best to improve his reaction time. Alone through this training you can improve your hit rate enormously. Of course, there are countless ways to improve its response time, but thanks to the awesome community, there are also special maps just for that. One of the best maps to practice these and other skills is “training_aim_csgo2” from “Bernie 2016”:


CS: GO Improve Aiming

Now that we have learned a lot about the reaction time, now it’s about the right aiming. The whole thing is a healthy mix of precision, reaction time and experience. So the motto here is: practice, practice, practice! In order to train specifically, there are also special maps that have proven to be very helpful and are also used by the pros like:

FAST AIM / REFLEX TRAINING MAP (SP vs Bot Map) / aimtraindriving V4 [DUST2]

Fast Aim / Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot] / aimtraindriving

Aim Botz

Preaiming / Crosshair placement

Preaiming or Crosshair Placement means nothing more than pointing the crosshair at points throughout the match where an opponent’s head is likely to appear. As a rule, the corners of a wall can be obstacles such as boxes or cut edges. It is best if the crosshairs stay on these points for a moment even if you move. This technique is so effective because important parts are already covered by preaimping. Just by this measure, your CS: GO Aiming can be improved enormously!

CS: GO shooting technique

Depending on the distance, different shooting techniques are available which all have their advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor in all techniques is the recoil, so the further the opponent is removed, the slower you should shoot.

Spraying: Spraying is actually just a short burst and is therefore only suitable for relatively short distances. So that the shots do not go wrong, of course you hold the gun to control the recoil (recoil).

Bursts: Small bursts of 2-4 bullets are relatively accurate and have little recoil. For this method to work well, you should take short breaks between the bursts.

Tapping: During tapping, only single shots are fired, with short breaks between them to prevent the weapon from recoil. This type of shot is very precise and is best for long distances.

CS: Check GO Recoil

The last point is also not very uninteresting because, it also happens in good matches again and again that you need to spray (continuous fire). In these cases, it is important to master the recoil of the weapon. Without any control, the shot literally backfires. Through targeted counter-steering, one can achieve that the individual shots are scattered in a relatively small radius. Again, “Mr. ULLETICAL ™ -S “A Helpful Map In Stock:

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