Author Crock, Asmodai, s1lent


  • ReHLDS 653 engine or newer
  • MetaMod 1.20 (p) or newer


  • dreamstalker for the ReHLDS project ;
  • Crock / Lev for Dproto and all the other people who helped develop dproto.
  • kazakh758 for help with testing the client hang-up fix with a crooked serverbrowser

Reunion is a sequel to DProto for ReHLDS .
It metamod plugin that allows you to enter 47 / 48 Non-Steam server. Crock
started the development , but, due to the emergence of new projects, did not manage to finish. Currently, Asmodai and s1lent are engaged in development and support. Features:

  • Support for all known steam / non-steam clients.
  • Supports 48/47 protocols.
  • Emulation of AuthID on the client’s hardware. To do this, the client must have one of the supported emulators installed.
  • Emulating AuthID based on client IP address. For each type of client, you can choose your AuthID.
    For example, for clients of protocol 48, make STEAM_, and for 47 – VALVE_, or do not let them on the server at all.
  • Flexible configuration of allowed authorization types and prefixes for them.

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