Dproto 0.9.391 – FOR HLDS

DProto is a plugin for Metamod that allows protocol 47 and 48 no-steam clients to join the server.
Except this main function it fixes many security issues with GoldSrc server and contrary to HLDS it is updated often.


  • Server accepts all known clients based on 47 and 48 protocols (with all populat emulators and without the emulator)
  • Sopport of all GoldSrc games (i.e. based on Half Life 1)
  • Customizable SteamIDs for clients;
  • Works with latest version of hlds;
  • built-in server-side emulation support.

Current version: 0.9.391.

  • added quick fix against net_message overflow @ Netchan_CopyNormalFragments
  • Fixed bug with HLTV SteamID in connect string set as BOT if cid_HLTV is 5.
  • Added SteamIdHashSalt config parameter. Added emulator generated SteamIDs hashing.
  • Fixed overflow file name format.
  • Be lenient to the mod. Do not crash in PEntityOfEntIndex.
  • PEntityOfEntIndex bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
  • Deltas processing bugfix (thanks to PRoSToTeM@). Cleanup.
  • Option to log threat details. New config parameter: ThreatsLoggingMode. Spectate command rate limit to 1 per sec.
  • Fixed utf8 checking function. Check whole userinfo for utf8 validity.
  • Check requested customization in OnHandResources list too.
  • Clear downloaded customizations on reconnect (actually on sendres command).
  • Fixed bug with RequestedCustomizations cleanup on new connections.
  • Increased connection flood burst level a bit to handle multi-protocol clients
  • Fixed IsSafeFileToDownload on new builds to allow customizations downloads. Fixed CheckRequestedDlAgainstCustomizations code.
  • Fixed custom reject message output for SteamEmu clients.
  • Checking customization downloads against client resources. Allow to download existing resources only once. Fixes for client_t structure.



1. Go to /addons/ and make new directory named dproto
– it is a game directory; cstrike for Counter-Strike, valve for Half-Life, etc
2. Copy dproto.dll or dproto_i386.so to /addons/dproto/
3. Go to metamod installation directory (usually its /addons/metamod/) and edit plugins.ini:
add this line for windows
win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll
or this for linux
linux addons/dproto/dproto_i386.so
at the beginning of the file
4. Copy dproto.cfg to cstrike folder.
5. Start the server.

   when server loads, type "meta list" in console. You'll see something like this:
    Currently loaded plugins:
          description      stat pend  file              vers      src   load  unlod
     [ 1] dproto           RUN   -    dproto_i386.so    v0.9.531    ini   Start Never
     [ 2] AMX Mod X        RUN   -    amxmodx_mm_i386.  v1.8.1.3  ini   Start ANY
    2 plugins, 2 running

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