NetBufExtender Fix Reliable channel overflowed

NBEX is a metamode plugin that extends the ” internet buffer “: server and client buffers ( not 100% guaranteed ). Expands up to 64 kb .
This means that players are less likely to be kicked with the ” Reliable channel overflowed ” error . For example, you can change player models right at the start of a round without consequences.


  • Increases the reliability of the server.
  • Increases the spectrum buffer to 3990 bytes .
  • Increases the Reliable buffer up to 64kb by sending information in chunks as needed.
  • Reduces the chance of getting kicked by RCO by increasing the client buffer.

In the addons folder, create the nbex folder and copy the or nbex.dll file into it, depending on the operating system, Linux or Windows, respectively.
Open addons / metamod / plugins.ini ( if there is no such file, then create it ourselves ) and add the following line:


win32 addons/nbex/nbex.dll


linux addons/nbex/

Next, we restart the server, enter meta list in the server console and look for such a line

[1] NetBufExtender RUN – v1.0 ini ANY Never

If such a line is present, then you have successfully installed this module.

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