CS:GO Surfing Guide (Updated 2019)

CS:GO Surfing Guide (Updated 2019)

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is all about killing opponents – yep, this is a shooting game, baby! But gamers can’t stand limiting themselves in anything. So, with a bit of creativity and a unique sense of humor, the rules of CS:GO have been changed, expanded. From now on, you are free to consider this game as a parkour and surfing adventure. Your hero moves with amazing speed, and you need to avoid obstacles, to reach as far as possible.

Are you interested in such a hilarious competition? So, this very, very serious game tutorial will help you. Let the virtual world be your perfect wave!

What is that surf?

Virtual maps of CS:GO can be made by anyone… OK, anyone with the necessary skills. And many guys from the gaming community try to create something new and interesting. Some of the community-made maps keep the usual game rules – such locations may even become official CS:GO maps. Other maps are like a game inside the game. They modify the gameplay and offer unusual adventures.

Surf CSGO – is one of such modifications inside of custom maps.

What is that sufr in cs go?

How to play on CS:GO surf maps?

In the article 11 the best CS:GO maps,” we talk about the official maps and how to play on them. But what about custom maps?

All the unusual locations are found in the Workshop section. But first, you must subscribe to them. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  1. Choose a game mode – Play -> or [Find a game] -> or [Offline with bots].

Click the Workshop tab in the upper menu.

Press the View Workshop button (if you have no maps added).

In the opened window, look for the search bar and type “surf.”

Afterward, you’ll have maps in your Workshop collection, so many of these steps will become unnecessary.

How to play on CS:GO surf maps?

Check the search results and choose any map you like. Sort the locations by popularity, to see the best of them in the community’s opinion.
Subscribe to any map by pressing the “+” button on its page.

Check the search results and choose any map you like. Sort the locations by popularity, to see the best of them in the community’s opinion.
Subscribe to any map by pressing the “+” button on its page.

Afterward, you’ll have maps in your Workshop collection, so many of these steps will become unnecessary.

Any of the maps may be activated through the CS:GO console commands – this tutorial gives more information.

Most popular CS:GO Surf Maps

Check out the most popular cs go surf maps. The list contains maps that are suitable for beginners and pro players as well.

  1. surf_beginner
  2. surf_utopia
  3. surf_kitsune
  4. surf_mesa
  5. surf_fortum

Download Link

csgo surf map surf_fortum

The map was created to show off the alternative energy initiatives of Finnish power company and DreamHack sponsor Fortum.

CS GO surfing servers

You can join one of the most popular cs go surf servers, as well. Those servers are dedicated to create a competition between players and engage people to set new records. The admin chooses and sets up a map of a server.

Creation of your own cs go surf server you requires a lot of time and effort. Check out a guide here on how to create your own server.

How to join a csgo server?

Here is 2 methods to join a CS:GO server.

  1. You need to open your console and write there:
  2. Add a server to your favorites. You can do it in the game and in Steam. Go to Favorites, click on the Add a Server button and you will be asked to add the server address. Write there a server’s IP and it will stay there permanently.

There are many cs go surf servers you can join and play with other people. Here is the list with top CS:GO surfing servers:

USA surf servers


EU surf servers


Russia surf servers


Australia surf servers


To get a grenade in CS:GO you should write in console

  • give weapon_hegrenade – HE Grenade;
  • give weapon_flashbang – Flashbang Grenade;
  • give weapon_smokegrenade – Smoke Grenade;
  • give weapon_decoy – Decoy;
  • give weapon_molotov – Molotov Cocktail (terrorists);
  • give weapon_incgrenade – Incendiary Grenade (counter-terrorists).

The art of CS GO surfing!

As with the real parkour, rules in CS:GO surfing are super simple – overcome obstacles, jump over gaps, try not to fall, and reach the finish.

There is always a ramp on CS GO surf maps – it’s an inclined surface, a substitute for waves, a necessary thing to move in the CS:GO virtuality. When a game character jumps onto the ramp, they begin sliding. To continue this movement, you have to act in a particular way.

Here is the tutorial on how to surf CSGO:

  1. Jump on the ramp.
  2. Press A or D to remain on the surface. The rule here is – move left (A) if you are on the right side of the ramp, and right (D) if you are on the left side. So, try to keep close to the ramp’s center, like on the “scheme” D/\A. These are your essential surf CSGO commands.
  3. Always point the crosshair in the direction of your CS GO surf. The character moves wherever you direct him.
  4. Speed-up by moving slightly to the ramp’s top and then moving downwards. Use the mouse for this.
  5. Sometimes you will need to turn – use both mouse movement and the “A-D” keys. These actions should be synchronized, so point the mouse cursor left while pressing A, and right while pressing D.
  6. Don’t press the “W-S” buttons – this spoils the CSGO surfing.
tutorial on how to surf CSGO

Set up this helpful picture as your PC CSGO Background, to remember CSGO how to surf.

Mastering the art of surfing may take some time, but with the internal motivation, you will develop this skill easily. High levels of fun are quite a motivation, aren’t they? And it is also quite a show – you won’t find the like even in professional CS:GO Esports tournaments.

Surf Skill and Surf Combat

Becoming a deft CS:GO surfer may be just the beginning of your way to perfection. Will be you good enough in this art to battle opponents on such surfing maps?

CSGO Surf maps may be divided into these groups:

  1. Surf Skill – surf to reach the finish;
  2. Surf Combat – surf with the usual CS:GO shooting. Usually, battles take place on various areas between surfing sections.

These names aren’t official, so you may not find them in map descriptions. Just be attentive at the stage of choosing the location and you will know what to do on a particular map.

Why surf?

Let’s suppose you are a practical person and having fun is not enough reason for you to do something. We can easily find decent motivations for you practicing surfing:

  1. After mastering surfing, you’ll be defter in controlling your character in normal locations.
  2. After mastering shooting at high speed in surfing matches, you’ll be much more accurate and effective in your matchmaking sessions.

Surfing fun time will definitely help to increase your CS:GO rank!

By the way, we analyzed Steam market data and created a list of the most popular CS:GO skins in 2018.

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