AWP with scope crosshair for CS 1.6

AWP with scope for CS 1.6.

AWP with crosshair for CS 1.6




Manual on the installation of models/skins of weapons for CS 1.6
Hello. And today we would like to tell you about how to install weapon models for CS 1.6. In fact, there is nothing complicated and you can install the models in Counter Strike 1.6 in two clicks. First we need the models of weapons. You can download them directly from our website. Download weapon models for CS 1.6. In the archive with the models of weapons can be such files. Now we will consider them.

v_awp.mdl – these are the models that you see in your hands.
w_awp.mdl – models that you see on the ground.
p_awp.mdl – models that you see in the hands of other players.

So, all files with the extension * mdl we need to put in the folder “D: / Counter Strike 1.6 / cstrike / models”. Must be a replacement files. We naturally confirm it.

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