Knife Attachment by CSM Rank Ranking

Knife Attachment by CSM Rank Ranking

It is a plugin I have prepared for Pro public / fun servers. The first 50 people in the rankings have different knife models. Blade models are different among these 50 people according to rank order. There are different knife models in one admin.

The knife of the 1st person in the ranking

 Rank 2 -10 in the ranking. people and their contacts

  11th-20th in the ranking. people and their contacts

  21st-30th in the ranking. people and their contacts

  Ranking ranks 31.-50. people and their contacts

 Special knife for admins

I have some compatibility problems, so I tried pretty hard to make the knives compatible with the game. If you ask if it was worth it, it wasn’t worth it. Because as the models multiplied, the entries to the game extended as much. For this reason, I removed this plugin on my own server. It is better to share and use it here because it stands idle. I can’t hide it for my dowry. I have a solid host, if you say they will download the models from there quickly, it will be an interesting add-on for your server.

NOTE; The plugin is an auto-running plugin, two things you need to do is to throw the models in the required places and install the plugin. It will automatically query rank order at each hand and distribute the knives.
NOTE 2; A statsx that runs smoothly on your server for the plugin to work need plugin. So your top15 plugin should be active.



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