Further Adventures in Finance and Felony Add-On Vehicles Pack [FINAL]



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Standalone add-On of ALL vehicles from the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update. 

No changes in final edition, was unable to get wheels on heli to retract, and weapons to work. 

Install instructions in read me file 

Animations to get into vehicles working 

Vehicle Names show correctly 

Various Fixes – Report any bugs to me please and enjoy !!! 

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Some are reporting a white interior issue on certain versions with the prototipo, here is a link for a fix for that provided by @AlpiBaba 

This may help for crashes on certain versions 

You do not have my permission to upload this mod to other sites. Modifications such as fixing of any bugs is allowed provided you supply me with the files, I will credit you for any work. 

Feel free to contact via skype for questions. Link on my profile here. Paypal has been added for donations. When amount needed is reached i start working on this : 



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