Addon Creator Vehicles v1.2

Addon Creator Vehicles v1.2



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This program generates autofilled in dlc packs.. so no more setting it UP! 

1. In Dlc Name Texbox type your desired dlc packs name… 

2. Choose dlc pack type Vehicle 

3. Click Create Dlc and choose where to save it… 

4. Drag and drop generated dlc pack in dlcpacks folder (located here: “Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks”) 

5. Copy and paste dlclist into your dlclist.xml (located here: “rand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data) 

6. For vehicles dlc pack drag and drop tuning files ( .yft ) inside “dlcname”_mods.rpf 
– Drag all files ( .yft, .ytd ) inside “vehicles”.rpf 

7. For vehicle dlc pack!! 

8. If you have additional meta files like carcols.meta, etc., add to the dlc archive. In any case, delete the unused code from content.xml in order to avoid game errors. 

– You can make Vehicles Dlc Packs 
– Auto Generate content.xml, setup2.xml , Handling.meta, Vehicles.meta 

– Added new category of cars like: Sportcar, Supercar. 

– Added new category of cars like: Ambulan, Police. Firetruk. 
– Added new Auto Generate vehiclelayouts.meta, dlctext.xml , shop_vehicle.meta. 

Some vehicle.meta settings require manual configuration so that the character’s hands are exactly on the steering wheel. In any case, you can simply replace the finished add-in vehicle.meta. 
Special thanks to the user “skylumz” for providing the source code for updating the program. skylumz (link)

All credits for codewalker-core.dll which allows this program to create the dlc packs goes to dexyfex and Codewalker contributors thanks a ton! 

CodeWalker GTA V 3D Map + Editor (link)

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