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This is an easy tool for modifying your CS:S HUD.CS:S HUD Editor v0.99Made by HaRRiKiRiInfo: This is an easy tool for modifying your CS:S HUD. It allows changing the position and color of almost any hud element on the screen. This tool is still in development so more possibility’s are coming. Installation: No installation required. Just extract the zip and launch. 2 examples are provided in the subfolder and you can open them via the program. Tutorial: How all of this works, the basic things, and how to install and uninstall a hud can be seen in a tutorial in the program. Look under the Help menu. FAQ: Also FAQ can be seen in the program itself. Look in the help menu. Changelog: Changelog can be seen in the program itself. Look in the help menu, but I will post here as well: v0.99: -Made lots of data external. Changes this made: -Loading speed 2x faster -File size 2x smaller -Reworked saving and loading mechanism. Now all images are included in the one .sav file -Remade update mechanism. Now it doesn’t open a link when “Download” is pressed. Instead it now downloads the new program to the location specified. -Added blend mode as a view option for hud (t,ct,fight). This will allow making black huds. -Added a possibility to change main menu background for wide screen displays -Added an notification when a wrong size menu background is loaded -Added visual representations of images in view options window -Added many modification options for weapon selection boxes. Now positioning of numbers, icons and texts are also possible -Added the possibility to move minimap location text -Added more items to Show/Hide window, so its possible to deactivate those items separately -Added test values for several hud items (like health, armor, clock). So you can see how the item will look in-game with several values. This will also animate to certain degree. Like setting health below 25 will make it pulse just like in-game. -Added shapelist window. Allows selecting, duplicating and deleting shapes. As well as seeing all the information about the shape. -Added export progress bar. Program can freeze for a bit when converting large backgrounds, and now the user is notified what it is doing, and so user shouldn’t think anymore that the program has froze. -Added a possibility to enable/disable subitems. E.g. you can disable health icon, but leave the digits. -Added button to the drawing window for toggling “show 5:4 unsafe zone”, which shows zones where no horizontally centered regions should be put, or they will be out of screen in 5:4 resolution (like1280x1024). -Fixed toggle buttons, so you don’t need to press them twice -Fixed subitem exporting. So now it actually exports subitem position. That was a bug since v0.95 and no one noticed.. -Fixed sliders showing decimals for now reason -Fixed sliders still dragging after let go -Fixed some window issues. Now they should respond and appear correctly -Fixed unselected weapon box alpha not showing up in-game correctly -Fixed that the program displays the imported mainmenu background correctly (scales and shows alpha correctly just like in-game). v0.98: -Added drawing window, which allows drawing shapes (rectangles) on top of hud and scoreboard. This works on pure servers. -Added secondary color in the color window. It is used for rectangle outlines -Added clan tag to the scoreboard and repositioned all the items respectivly -Scoreboards columns can no longer be moved vertically. That didn’t work anyway. Instead added view option that allows changing vertical position for all columns -Added scoreboard view options for changing x and y position of the background -Added check for read-only folders and files. It should not crash now, but inform that read-only folder or file is selected -Fixed a bug that made C4 icon not show up in the program (bug was introduced in v0.95) -Fixed a bug which didn’t allow to select and move scoreboard avatars -Added item options for avatars and player status in scoreboard (its the skull/c4 icon) -Fixed so that paths worked -Added several popups to inform about different things -Fixed a lot of bugs v0.95: -Added support for the new CS:S -Made the program more smooth and faster (response time has been doubled and fps is raised to 60) -Added the possibility to change position of several subitems like health and armor -Added Health pulsing color state (new in OrangeBox CS:S) -Added new view “Main Menu” and it allows: -Changing color and position for both titles (“Counter-Strike” and “Source”) -Changing position of the main menu -Changing menu background image -Added new view “Scoreboard” and it allows: -Changing color and position for every element -Changing scoreboard background image and size -Added the possibility to change the size of the minimap -Added notification if items are too close to the center of the screen (this is a bad hud making practice and makes them look unprofessional) -Added a new window which allows disabling and enabling hud elements -Added a new window which allows changing View options -Added “Show Origin” to the position window -Added easier export mechanism. Now all files are automatically put in their respective directories -Added readme.txt generator -Added that console will popup on error (red text) -Added config.ini to save paths and window position/visibility -Added that when program is launched the first time (in a folder) then the help window will popup -Added the possibility to load old HUD files (v0.9) – Auto update will now check for updates when launched. So now it will show if new update is available – Other small fixes v0.9: -Added the possibility to change position and color for the hint panel -Added the possibility to change size and position of the defuse bar -Added new view “Fight” and it allows: -Changing color for the center player name -Changing death notice colors, number and seperation between them -Added new Item Options window -Remade HELP window -Added an update window -Other small fixes v0.8: -First public release P.s: This program does not modify or write any files outside its directory or temporary directory (it is created when the program is run and deleted when closed). So this should not mess up anything in your PC or CS:S. But I am still not responsible to what happens when you use this program. If you have legit CS:S then to remove the skin you just need to delete the exported files. You can see the list of them in the generated Readme.txt file. Also, this works only for CS:S so don’t even ask if it works for CS 1.6. Please comment and rate. This will encourage me to continue development.

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