[CS:GO Mod] Most Expensive Loadout for cs source

[CS:GO Mod] Most Expensive Loadout for cs source

A CS:GO Mod for CS:S!

Downlaod link : https://gamebanana.com/dl/409604


1. Introduction

This CS:GO weapons mod for Counter-Strike: Source features the most expensive skins from CS:GO (excluding StatTrak™ prices and Souvenir prices excluding the M249 Gator Mesh). All skin names are within the screenshots, have a look!

I utilized FunnkyHD‘s ported weapon base (excluding the gloves and the knife) with an adjusted viewmodel that is the same across every weapon within the pack. There will be no stickers in this pack. Enjoy!

source : https://gamebanana.com/skins/168458



[CS:GO Mod] Most Expensive Loadout
Karambit | Crimson Web
Desert Eagle | Blaze
Dual Berettas | Twin Turbo
Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast
Glock-18 | Fade
P250 | Modern Hunter
USP-S | Kill Confirmed
MAC-10 | Graven
MP7 | Whiteout
MP9 | Bulldozer
P90 | Emerald Dragon
UMP-45 | Fallout Warning
AK-47 | Fire Serpent
AUG | Akihabara Accept
FAMAS | Spitfire
M4A1-S | Knight
SG 553 | Integrale
Galil AR | Chatterbox
AWP | Dragon Lore
G3SG1 | Chronos
SCAR-20 | Emerald
SSG 08 | Blood in the Water
M249 | Gator Mesh
Nova | Modern Hunter
XM1014 | Blaze Orange
HE Grenade
Smoke Grenade

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