Amxx Clock Maker

Amxx Clock Maker for cs 1.6 Server Description:This plugin allows the creation of multiple clocks on the map that can be saved and the map reloaded. Commands:say /cm – To open the main menu. Cvars:cm_hourtype 1 (0: 12 hours, 1: 24 hours).cm_hourannounce 1 (hear time on time).cm_timeoffset 0 (the time…

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Amxx C4 Hud Timer v2

Amxx Bomb Countdown HUD Timer . Description:With this plugin you can see a Hud with the time of the C4, until it explodes.If there is less than 8 seconds left to explode, the hudmessage color will be red, if> 7 it will be yellow and> 13 it will be green….

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Amxx Ads Under Radar

Amxx Ads Under Radar Originally named as Ads Under Radar , the plugin is used to show a message you specify under the radar every 60 seconds. Ad display time is 10 seconds. You can change these values ​​with cvar commands. Cvar Commands; raderads_time “80” – The command that allows the message…

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