AMXX High Ping Reducer plugin for cs 1.6

High Ping Reducer plugin for cs 1.6

The High Ping Reducer plugin for cs 1.6 is a useful plugin for your cs 1.6 server , it will allow pingers not to slow down the whole game, it all works so that fewer packets are sent to the pinger. Of course, the game at the pinger itself will be worse, animation, textures and so on will not play well, but this will very well help reduce his ping.

High Ping Reducer Plugin Commands:

amx_hpr_ping (standard: 200) – the maximum ping after which it starts to reduce the number of packets
amx_hpr_check (standard: 12) – the time between checks for ping
amx_hpr_tests (standard: 5) – the number of checks after which the player will be reduced the number of packets sent to him
amx_hpr_delay (standard: 60) – after a quick sec, the player will begin to check after entering the server
amx_hpr_critical_ping (standard: 400) – ping in which a downgrade does not have a special meaning. For ping is incredibly high. A ban will be given.
amx_hpr_punishtype (standard: 2) – (2 – ban of a player with a critical ping \ 1 – player kick \ 0 – do nothing except lowering packets)
amx_hpr_bantime (standard: 5) – time for which bans for a critical ping (in minutes)
amx_hpr_immunity (standard: 1) – immunity for admin



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