[ LINUX ] ReHLDS + AMX Mod X 1.10 +Metamod-r

[ LINUX ReHLDS ] + ReGameDLL + Metamod-r + AMX Mod X 1.10

I come to bring you a complete hlds base ReHLDS + ReGameDLL + Metamod-R + AMX Mod X 1.10.5390 etc. Complete and tested base. Perfect and clean for you to create your dedicated server.

You can learn more about rehlds here .

What owns

HLDS build: 8308
ReHLDS build:
ReGameDLL build: + m
Metamod-r build:
Reunion build:
AMX X Mod X build: 1.10.5390
VoiceTranscoder RC4 build: 21 / 11/2019

Files all in the latest versions. updated on: 02/21/2020

Downloads |

base-rehlds-full.zip (442 MB) linux – DOWNLOAD
link wget: https://file.counter-strike.dev/hlds/base-rehlds-full.zip

Currently we are only providing the base in linux as it is the most sought after for dedicated servers.


source link : https://www.counter-strike.dev/base-full-rehlds/


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