AmxModX 1.9.0

. AmxModX 1.9.0 git5271-linux Metamod Reunion v0.1.0.113 (Steam & NonSteam) Last update Jun 25, 2020 author MultilanguageRU, EN, FR, DE, RO, TR, SR, SV, DA, PL, BP, NL, ES, CZ, FI, BG, HU, LT, SK, MK, HR, BS, CNRequirementsMetamodAMX Mod X ( AMXX ) is a Metamod add-on that allows you to…

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Clean CS 1.6 server | ReHLDS + AmxModX 1.9.0 [Windows]

Clean CS 1.6 server | ReHLDS + AmxModX 1.9.0 [Windows] Building a clean CS 1.6 server on the most relevant components, namely ReHLDS and the latest version of AmxModX 1.9.0 , metamode modules have also been added for free entry and communication to the players server with Steam / Non-Steam versions of the game. No…

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