OHMYMODZ Essential 4.0 Mod Menu | Trainer [SP] [1.32]

OHMYMODZ Essential 4.0 Mod Menu | Trainer [SP] [1.32]


source :



Essential Mod Menu | Trainer 4.0 created by OHMYMODZ.

*All the requierements are in the .rar*

Controlls :

F8 Key Open the menu 
Numpad Key : 2,4,6,8 Navigate through options 
Numpad Key : 5 Select 
Numpad Key : 0 Go back 

Requierements :


Install :

Drag all the files into your GTA V directory. 

GTA Online :

Do not go in GTA Online with this Mod Menu. 

I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of using this modification. 

Credits :

All credits goes to Alexander Blade, GTALua, Kmc, kanersps, SOD & OHMYMODZ. 



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