Round Message

AMXX Round Message

With this plugins on begin of round you can show the nameserver round , map , players

You can change/modify chat message colors in the language *.txt file located in addons/amxmodx/data/lang named round_message.txt !
Message colors usage:
– !y – Yellow (Normal chat color)
– !t – Team Color (Red=T, Blue=CT, Grey=Spec)
– !g – Green

.:: Installing ::.

  1. Copy round_chat_msg.amxx into /addons/amxmodx/plugins 
  2. Copy round_message.txt goes to addons/amxmodx/data/lang
  3. Open plugins.ini from addons/amxmodx/configs
  4. Add at the end of the list on a new line like follows:
  5. Save and close plugins.ini
  6. Restart Server or Change Map



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