January 18, 2021


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Plugin StatsX GUI 1.8 (player statistics) cs 1.6 – ENGLISH

Plugin StatsX GUI 1.8 (player statistics) cs 1.6

An excellent StatsX GUI 1.8 statistics plugin for the cs 1.6 server , it completely replaces all your standard and ugly statistics, and it has no holes, unlike the Statsx shell . Of course, this plugin has its own braids, but this does not make it bad, for example, if you enter / top15, then it will show the top 11 players on the server. He takes everything given for statistics from csstats.dat as usual in the statsx shell. The statistics design will also be in the styles of standard windows cs 1.6, swamp color. The statistics are also Russified, and this is also its plus.
When you install the plugin on your server, do not forget to put “;” before statsx.amxx and all other statistics that you have on the server. All etor must be done inplugins.ini .
The plugin requires the inclusion of modules:
You also need to write the lines in amxx.cfg :
// Method of writing statistics: 0 – binary file (fast), 1 – text file 
csstats_storagetype 0 
// Reset statistics after changing the map: 1 – yes, 0 – no 
csstats_reset 0 
// Why keep statistics: 0 – by nickname, 1 – by SteamID, 2 – by ip address 
csstats_rank 0 
// Maximum file size with statistics 
csstats_maxsize 9000 
// Write bots to statistics: 1 – yes, 0 – no 
csstats_rankbots 0 
// Statistics duration in seconds 
amx_statsx_duration 12.0 
// How many seconds will the statistics be displayed after the freeze 
amx_statsx_freeze -2.0 
Commands and how to install the plugin itself will be described in a text file in the archive!



source link : https://sip-cs.com/load/cs_1_6/plaginy_cs_1_6/plagin_statsx_gui_1_8_statistika_igrokov_cs_1_6/7-1-0-220