Clean CS 1.6 server | ReHLDS + AmxModX 1.9.0 [Windows]

Clean CS 1.6 server | ReHLDS + AmxModX 1.9.0 [Windows]

Building a clean CS 1.6 server on the most relevant components, namely ReHLDS and the latest version of AmxModX 1.9.0 , metamode modules have also been added for free entry and communication to the players server with Steam / Non-Steam versions of the game. No other plugins and mods installed. All this works under Windows , you just have to download the ready-made ReHLDS server and fill it with the desired plugins and ideas. 

Main components

  • AmxModX 1.9.0 [Build 5249]
  • ReHLDS []
  • Metamod-r []
  • Reunion [0.1.92]
  • Revoice  []
  • To start the server, use hlds_console.exe which lies in the root



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