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Volkswagen Golf Add-On Pack [Mk1-Mk7] 2.1



source :


Instructions for mounting add-on pack are inside archive. 

Cars inside add-on pack: 

VolksWagen Golf MK1 GTI by HitmanNiko (golf1) 
VolksWagen Golf MK2 by Gta5KoRn (golf2) 
VolksWagen Golf MK3 GTI by Motors Garage [Razor] (golf3) 
VolksWagen Golf MK4 R32 by stefan_menjac (golf4) 
VolksWagen Golf MK5 GTI 2006 by HitmanNiko (golf5) [M]949 
VolksWagen Golf MK6 by Gta5KoRn (golf6) 
VolksWagen Golf MK6 R32 EA by exeboom (golfr) [M]938 
VolksWagen Golf MK7 R by tonebee_DTD (golf7) 

Car name by Author (game name) [Modkit] ID number 

Changelog from 2.0: 
Deleted vehiclelayouts, changed vehicles.meta for Golf 2 
Added 3 versions of gameconfig. 

Someone had to do it!