StatsX Shell 2.5 NEW /TOP15 , /RANK

StatsX Shell (Ultimate StatsX) – is an advanced plug-in statistics, performed on the basis of the original StatsX. You can choose one of nine in order for the statistics and a list of the best players in the MOTD Choosing a template is given a variable amx_statsx_design // 0 – the…

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Plugin StatsX GUI 1.8 (player statistics) cs 1.6 – ENGLISH

Plugin StatsX GUI 1.8 (player statistics) cs 1.6 An excellent StatsX GUI 1.8 statistics plugin for the cs 1.6 server , it completely replaces all your standard and ugly statistics, and it has no holes, unlike the Statsx shell . Of course, this plugin has its own braids, but this does not make it bad,…

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